• Display Size:
    • 112.6” W x 94.5” H x 112.6” D
  • Graphic Sizes:
    • (qty 2) 71” W x 94.5” H (Tallest/Largest Right-Side Graphic, Front & Backside)
    • (qty 1) 35.5” W x 94.5” H (Small Front Wall of Door Graphic)
    • (qty 1) 35.5” W x 12” H (Door Header Graphic)
    • (qty 2) 71”W x 47.25” H (Shortest Left-Side Horizontal Graphic, Front & Backside)
    • (qty 1) 35”W x 80.25” H (Door Graphic)
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Be in charge of your environment and give your space all that it needs with Alpine Booths custom exhibits. Many design configurations allow you the freedom to add back walls, rooms, doors, shelves, and slat walls. Whatever your product or service, Alpine Booths lie at the intersection of creativity and Feng Shui. Bring exhibitors your way with Alpine Booths—It’s hard to ignore something original.


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